How To Trick Yourself Into Being One of those People Who Actually Likes to Clean

How To Trick Yourself Into Being One of those People Who Actually Likes to Clean

Caroline Biggs
Nov 29, 2016

Fact: cleaning isn't for everyone. While some people might actually enjoy getting messy, others just flat out fail at completing (or maybe even starting!) chores. But all is not lost. If cleaning isn't exactly something you'd call a forte of yours, there's still hope to be had: even if you really deplore the idea of daily housework, there are still plenty of ways to dupe yourself into doing it anyway. Believe it or not, sometimes all it takes is a little scheming to jumpstart a full-blown wipe down and once you get in the habit, you just might keep it up.

With that in mind, we've devised a list of ten strategies to accidentally force you into cleaning up. And while it may not turn you into a neat freak overnight, you'll at least be making an effort, albeit under false pretenses.

1. Clean as you go

Picking up after yourself is one of the easiest ways to make cleaning a part of your daily routine without really trying. Whether that means making your bed every morning or doing your dishes while you cook, you'll make a habit of being tidy without treating it as a separate task.

2. Create visual reminders

It might sound silly but sending yourself mobile memos (or even putting up sticky notes all over your messy place) might be all it takes to remind you of your daily cleaning responsibilities.

3. Make a power playlist

Create a fifteen-minute music mix as a soundtrack for your cleaning session and suddenly your kitchen cleanup will seem more like an awesome dance party. Just be sure to invite Beyoncé and Britney!

4. Treat yourself

Whether it means ordering delivery for dinner or picking up a new bottle of nail polish, make a point of rewarding yourself every time you clean. Not only will you feel more satisfied after a cleaning session, you'll have an incentive to keep up the good housework.

5. A chore a day (keeps the housework at bay)

Start by completing just one small task a day—dusting the ceiling fans, wiping down the bathroom, clearing out the fridge—and introduce yourself to the idea daily cleaning without ever feeling overwhelmed.

6. Phone-a-friend

Just pick up a bottle of wine, put on some music, and call all your girlfriends over to your apartment for a full-blown cleaning party. Okay that's not going to happen, but we bet if you offer up some old clothes and pizza in exchange for help with your closet cleanout, a few of your buddies will come through.

7. Employ a fun product

Motivate yourself to clean by scooping up a cool new cleaning spray or accessory to liven things up. Better yet, make your very own unique version at home and get super excited about your daily wipe down.

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8. Plan a party

Tentatively plan on throwing dinner party (or some other kind of social incentive) to inspire your housekeeping. Not only will you give yourself a finish line for all your cleaning, you'll have something to look forward to when it's all over.

9. Pull your tools out

It may seem like a no-brainer but by placing your cleaning products in plain sight, you'll probably be reminded to use them. Try moving your sprays from under the kitchen sink to on top of your counter, and make a pact to not put them away until utilized.

10. Set a timer

Even if you've only got 20 minutes, set a time limit see how much housework you can actually complete. And if you're not in the mood for a sprint sesh, designate a specific task (dishes, a load of laundry, etc.) and instead give yourself a firm finish time to adhere to.

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