How To Turn An Old LP Into A Clock

I have been on the lookout for a wall clock for a while but haven’t been able to find one I really liked. They’re all too loud, too big, too small, too crazy or too boring. I had my hand on a $3 clock in resignation when I spotted a wall full of old records for $1 and had an idea. How easy would it be to turn an LP into a clock? Here’s how it played out:

What You Need

An old LP.
A clock movement.
Clock hands.


Depending how you get your movement you might need a screwdriver.


1. Choose your record. I chose records that had colourful branding because they would be the only colour and detail on my clock.

2. If you wanted to add detail to the LP/clock face, numbers, dots or dashes, you would add them to the face before you add the movement. I liked the face of the record plain so I skipped straight to the next step.

3. Find a clock movement. You can buy these from craft stores or you can pick up secondhand clocks and use their movements. They are usually pretty easy to access.

4. If your movement doesn’t come with hands you’ll need to find some you like, or if you’re super keen make your own. They are sized to fit over different levels over the movement.

5. Since the records already have a hole right in the centre it was super easy to slip the movement through. It was a squeeze but with some twisting it slipped through and sat about a centimetre off the LP.

6. The hands I had came with the movement so they looped right over the top. I tested the hands to make sure they moved freely without knocking each other or touching the record face and had to bend some of them to give them room.

7. Once the hands are secured you can add your battery and watch it tick! Check that everything works by watching a complete cycle.

7. There were no hooks on my movement but there is space to add one or you can stick some heavy duty removable tape to the back and hang it that way.

Additional Notes:

The LPs do attract dust but they are easy enough to clean. If you want a smaller clock try an old 45 or CD.

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(Images: Sarah Starkey)