How to Turn Ikea Drawers into a CPU House

How to Turn Ikea Drawers into a CPU House

Sonia Zjawinski
Oct 18, 2010

While computer manufacturers would like you to think differently, most computer towers aren't very pretty. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, CPUs are large and unflattering compliments to any room. Because of their size, they aren't the easiest things to hide, but it can be done. The Ikea Helmer office drawers have been hacked before -- to hold six Linux hosts -- so it's no surprise that another crafty geek used the piece to build a cabinet that could accommodate and hide his CPU.

Rather than building that last four drawers for the Ikea Helmer, Albert Law used a pair of drawer tracks to connect the drawer fronts (which actually consist of both the drawer's fronts and backs) together to create a single door piece. In order to further keep the drawer panels from moving around, he connected them together with four silver joints.

Since the drawers are now a single door panel that need to open up like a door, Albert built a door hinge using the L-shaped wall mount he had left over from an Ikea Billy bookshelf. He screwed one part of the mount into the interior of the drawer frame, and then used a single screw to connect the mount to the top of the drawer panel. The screw, which isn't fully tightened, allows the door to swing open while remaining connected to the frame. The bottom of the door is secured, while still allowing movement, through a single screw attached to the bottom bar of the frame. A hole on the bottom of the door panel allows it to sit over the screw.

The backside of the drawer unit has no back, which allow Albert to easily push in his CPU, while also allowing it to stay cool.

Images: Albert Law

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