How to Turn Your SIM Into a Micro-SIM

How to Turn Your SIM Into a Micro-SIM

Delighted as we were with our new phone, we had a small problem...actually more like a "micro" problem. Our new unlocked phone took a Micro-SIM and the SIM from our old phone was not compatible. We decided to take matters into our own hands and "downsize" our SIM to fit our new handset. With a Micro-SIM from our iPad in hand, we set about on our quest to turn our SIM into a Micro-SIM!

What You Need
Equipment [OR] Tools:

  • a full sized SIM card
  • small sharp scissors (we prefer embroidery scissors)
  • SIM card remover or paper clip
  • a Sharpie
  • a Micro-SIM for size comparison (optional)


1. Gather your necessary supplies, a full sized SIM, scissors, SIM card remover (or paperclip), and a sharpie. Having a micro SIM on hand is also helpful.

2. Insert the SIM card remover into your new phone. On the iPhone 4, the SIM card slot is located on the right side of the device.

3. After gently pushing the SIM card remover/paper clip into the hole, the Micro-SIM card tray will slide out.

4. Repeat step 2 for your old phone. For the previous iPhone models, the SIM card is located at the top of the device.

5. Be careful not to scratch your SIM when removing it from the phone. It should pop out easily, without any difficulty.

6. Inspect your old SIM card to see which contacts are used on the SIM card. You easily identify which contacts are used by the wear patterns. This will help you to identify where it is safe to cut.

7. Line up your micro SIM and SIM cards (we used the one from our 3G iPad). If you do not have a Micro-SIM handy, use your new phone's tray table as a guide.

8. Use a sharpie to identify the areas that will need to be cut. Err on the side of giving more perimeter space, after all, you can always cut more if needed.

9. Wait until the sharpie is dry and check your outline against the micro-sim/tray.

10. Carefully cut on the black sharpie outline on your full sized SIM.

11. Insert your new Micro-SIM into the new Micro-SIM phone tray. Make sure it fits flush in the tray to avoid getting jammed in the phone.

12. Smoothly insert the Micro-SIM tray into your phone.

13. Voila! Your new phone is now running on your old SIM card!

Additional Notes: Make sure that the sharpie is completely dry before cutting the SIM, smudges are not your friend. Like many DIY projects there is a degree of risk, removing too much of the SIM card or smudging the contacts could render your SIM card unusable. There is also the risk of jamming the card into your phone if the sizing is not correct.

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(Images: Joe Corrigan)

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