How To: Save Your Electronics From Spills

How To: Save Your Electronics From Spills

Mar 22, 2007

We love a good coffee while typing away on our computer. Unfortunately, we are pretty sure our laptops wouldn't enjoy coffee as much as we do. So what to do? Invest in a spill proof keyboard? Wrap your gear in saran wrap? No, neither one of those really makes for a good looking solution, so we will take our chances. If it so happens that your luck runs out though and you do manage to spill something on your keyboard, Engadget has some advice on what to do.

In short, the steps to follow would be:

• Disconnect from any power source and remove the battery
• Shake off as much excess liquid as possible
• Rinse with water (distilled preferably if you live in an area with hard water)
• Leave to dry and cross your fingers

It is probably safe to say that doing this would have a negative effect on any warranty you might have, but we have seen friends perform this procedure with cell phones that have been dropped in the ocean and remote controls that have found their way into the sink with pretty good success. If you find yourself in this situation it looks like a little effort could save you a few bucks and a trip to the store.

-image via glutenfreegirl

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