How to: Two Ways to Convert Your Vinyl Collection to Digital Formats

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We were perusing Fred Flare after we got an email announcement that those awesome 500XL GIANT earbud speakers are now available online, when we also noted that they’ve reduced their Vinyl Archiver, which makes analog to digital conversion a snap for both Mac and PC users….

The turntable comes bundled with Audacity, a sound editor that takes the captured analog audio and allows you to resave in Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF file formats, so you can enjoy those classic tunes on your newfangled digital devices on the go. We’ve gotten rid of almost all our CDs, but our wax is here to stay, so we’re in the process of transferring those digitally also.

And what if you already have a turntable?

We think the wax-loving folks at The Laughing Papillion have done an excellent step-by-step detailed instruction. Here’s what they’ve listed as needed components:

  • A computer – desktop or laptop it doesn’t matter.
  • A lot of memory isn’t critical but the process goes faster with more memory.
  • A sound card
  • Turntable for vinyl records and cassette player of you want to go from tape to digital.
  • An amplifier or pre-amp (this will be discussed in greater detail).
  • The appropriate cables to connect the turntable or cassette player with the amp or pre-amp with the sound card (discussed later).
  • Software that will allow you to clean up your recordings after you have converted them to digital format.
  • If you want to make CDs then you need to have a CD-RW drive that allow and some blank CD-R.

The rest of the detailed process here.