How To: Use A Phone Book To Save Your Back

How To: Use A Phone Book To Save Your Back

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 12, 2008

Take a phone book, computer monitor and the supplies above and you have yourself a great new craft project. Crafting?! In the office?! Click through the jump to see how to recycle your old phonebooks into a useable project while saving your back at the same time...


Between my husband and I, our home office is well used. Dare I say, it's the most used room in the house. This isn't a bad thing mind you, I really love our office space, with one exception. My chair. Technically that's not true either, because I really love my chair. It's a kelly green mid-century steelcase chair. It isn't bulky, it's comfortable to sit in, and is in perfect condition.
So what's my problem? The height. I can't adjust it. Which wouldn't be a huge deal if I didn't spend so many hours sitting right here where I am now. Typically slightly slouched to see the monitor and do the work that needs to be done.
Well today I decided to change that...with a phone book. Check out the steps below to see how I solved my "slightly slouching-back achy-general annoyance" issue.

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First, track down some scotch tape, scissors and some random paper or fabric. I happened to have a roll of wood-grained contact paper hanging around, as well as the end of a sheet of paper picked up at Paper Source.

Dig out your old (or new even) phone book. I don't have a problem using this as the anchor for this project as I don't use my phonebook. Thanks Google.

Tape your paper choice (it could be wrapping paper or a tshirt even!) and wrap it around the book like you would a christmas present. If you are using contact paper, you may remove the adhesive backing and stick it directly to the book, although I just used tape to stick it down in case of a power outage where it could have purpose again.

Wrap it tight, running your fingers along the edges to form a hard crease at each side of the book. Place your monitor on top....and step back to admire your handywork. I first covered the book with the red paper, deciding that it wasn't quite right, I then tried the woodgrain contact paper.

It's amazing what 2" does for your back!

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