How To Use Apple's Magic Trackpad with Windows

How To Use Apple's Magic Trackpad with Windows

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 3, 2010

Having both PCs and Macs in our offices, we immediately started pondering the cross-compatibility-ness of our new shiny Apple Magic Trackpad. We found multigesture support for PC didn't come standard (as expected) with the device, but were happy to hear there were plenty of folks out there already looking for a way around it.

So you want to gain swipe and pinch-zooming for the PC using Apple hardware, do ya? Here's the trick:

Apple made it so that the Magic Trackpad would only be compatible with Windows if you were using Boot Camp, their included dual-booting tool. So what do we do? We take the drivers from the install them as needed, of course!

Using this guide over at Digital Inspiration, you'll be walked through on how to grab the patch for Boot Camp, extract the files, and load them to get full gesture support on your PC. It's quite a painless process, really.

Now, all we need to do is figure out how to master Starcraft II with our new powers of multigesture support. Woot!

[Via Lifehacker via Digital Inspiration]

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