How to Use Your iPhone to Redecorate Your House

How to Use Your iPhone to Redecorate Your House

Laura E. Hall
Jun 9, 2011

Doing all the planning is one of the most fun parts of redecorating a home, from choosing new paint colors to rearranging furniture, and now it's even easier with the help of these Apple apps for iPhone and iPad, which make dreaming big as easy as a few taps of the finger.

Home 3D for iPad ($8.99)

Home 3D for iPad is basically a modeller that lets you completely recreate your home in 3D, then decorate it with furniture like a virtual dollhouse. Offers an overhead layout view that also translates to 3D, and you can walk through each space as if you're actually in the room. For the truly hardcore builders, you can purchase furniture, cabinetry and other decor items within the app for a couple of bucks a pop.

Paint Tester ($3.99)

Paint Tester may be aptly named, as it seems to be a way to fill in any color within your selection using a paint bucket tool, a la Windows Paint. Mark off parts you don't want colored in using a painter's tape tool, and perform touchups with a small paintbrush. This can be a useful visualization tool when you want to see how a new color would affect a space.

PaintSwatches ($1.99)

If you're more comfortable working in the abstract and prefer the convenience of paint chips, this is the app for you. Create projects for each room that hold a workspace background like a color inspiration photo, then lay in paint chips that match your color palette. You may have to match the phone swatches to a paint chip in the store by yourself, as this app might not always have the most up-to-date samples.

Home Interior Layout Designer - Mark On Call ($2.99)

Tools like overhead floor planners are invaluable when you're trying to rearrange the furniture and layout of a room; we used to measure everything by hand and cut out scale paper squares to represent each piece, so this makes the whole process much easier. Recreate each room, apply textures, and add in furniture, which you can scale, rotate and rearrange. Oil Paintings (free)

A new painting can really tie the room together, so if you're on the market for a nice reproduction, will help you make your selection. Select the painting you'd like to see in the room; the app will let you open up your camera view with the art laid over it, so that you can view and take a photo. This can be a bit tricky, as you can't resize the art on the image, only move yourself physically closer or farther away, but it can at least give you a good idea of how things will look in your space.

Would you turn to your iDevice when planning for a redecoration? Do you have any interior design apps that you love? Share your thoughts with Unplggd readers in the comments below.

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