How To Wow Your Table Mates

How To Wow Your Table Mates

Regina Yunghans
Feb 19, 2010

Dinner party tricks. They're generally invented of late-night meddling with after-dinner things left on the table long after dinner's over. This one was shown to us in just such a setting. Here's a how-to for you to use the next time you're just killing time around the table after dinner:

What You Need

wine bottle or water pitcher (the fuller, the more impressive)
three drinking glasses
three chopsticks or knives

friends around the table


1. Ask for three people's drinking glasses, chop sticks, or knives.

2. Set up the glasses in a triangle, spaced a knife-length or chopstick-length apart.

3. Place the wine bottle or pitcher in the center of the triangle.

4. Ask your friends to figure out how to, using the knives/chopsticks, support the wine bottle above the rims of the glasses without moving or touching the glasses.

5. Let everyone tinker with the knives/chopsticks, guessing how to solve the riddle. Most likely, there will be a lot of near-spills of the bottle. We've seen people solve this and we've seen people stumped.

6. When all attempts are exhausted, reveal the trick.

7. The chopsticks or knives are "woven" to support each other at the center of the triangle. It's surprisingly strong, which is proven by the finale of placing the wine bottle or water pitcher on top.

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(Images: Regina Yunghans / Apartment Therapy)

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