How To...Clean Your Grill

How To...Clean Your Grill

Grace Shu
May 23, 2008

Yes, definitely employ a squirrel to clean your grill before the summer heats up. We kid, we kid! We were going to attack the grill yesterday, but seeing as though a friggin' tornado touched down in Southern California yesterday, we're pushing that item on the to-do list for this afternoon. If you've got to do the same before a Memorial Day bash, here's two methods to help get your grill ready...
[ Photo from Peter deWit's Flickr ]

First Method for Cleaning the Grill

1. Place your grill rack on sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil with the shiny side up.
2. Wrap the foil around the grill nice and tight like a sandwich.
3. Place the rack on a heated grill for 15 minutes or 30 minutes if the rack is really dirty. This will bake the grease and food right off.
4. Once the rack is cool, remove the aluminum foil.

Second Method for Cleaning the Grill

Materials and Ingredients:

Plastic bag
Paper Towels
Spray bottle

1. Wrap paper towels around your grill rack real well.
2. Slide the towel covered rack into a plastic bag, making sure you have the right size bag to completely cover the rack.
3. Place ammonia into a spray bottle. Pull the rack back from the plastic bag and spray the ammonia onto the towels heavily saturating them.
4. Pull the bag up and close it up around the rack and tuck the bag in. Set it out of the way overnight.
The next day when you go to open the bag, hold the bag away from your face. The ammonia fumes will be strong.
5. Take the grill rack from the bag and remove the paper towels. All you have to do is wash the grill rack with hot soapy water and rinse well and you are ready to grill.

Note: Another method is to clean the rack in your bathtub. You just need hot water, soap and some ammonia. You need to place a towel or large garbage bag in the tub before placing the rack in the tub so that your surface will not get scratched.

Materials needed to clean the outside of the grill:

2 cloths
Waterless hand cleaner

1. Dip a cloth into a canister of waterless hand cleaner. Rub this real well onto the outside of your grill. This will remove barbecue, catsup, grease spatters, etc.

2. Once you have cleaned the grill with the waterless hand cleaner, take a clean cloth and buff it for a great shine.

Note: To clean the permanent charcoal briquettes, take tongs and turn the old briquettes over that have grease, oil and dirt on them. Turn the grill on high and leave it for approximately 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, the briquettes will look great -- all the old stuff will be burned off -- and your food will grill better.

These tips are from the DIY Network.

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