How To...Make Garden Markers from a Shoebox

How To...Make Garden Markers from a Shoebox

Amber Byfield
Sep 26, 2008

9_26_08_shoeboxfinal.jpgWhen we bought a pair of Simple shoes, made from recycled bike tires and organic cotton, we knew we'd already made a sustainable decision. But the box called out to us: it had a hefty kelly green top that was just begging for a new purpose. It wasn't quite as snazzy as Jonathan's Patagonia box, but we knew we could use it for something.

So, take a look at our simple how-to below the jump.

Since this week marked the "official" beginning of fall, even though temps are still in the 90s here in Texas, it was time to plant the fall container garden. Usually, we just mark the containers with the seed packets folded in half.

But take a look at our easy solution with the shoebox...

First, we found our metal ruler from the one design class we took in college. It proved to be very helpful to cut straight lines through something thicker than paper. It's also about 3/4" wide, which made for just the right width for our garden markers.

We measured the height of the markers across the box top, but did not cut the line. From that line, we sliced down, making 10 or 11 cardboard tabs that were about 3/4" wide. Once we had that done, we sliced them all off at the top.

Then, we made the tip of each one pointed. On some, we went the extra mile and rounded the top...but that got old real quick!

Once we had all the markers cut, with a wedged bottom, we got out the seed packets and made one marker for each type of seed we had.

Finally, we planted the seeds in our container garden and topped each container off with a garden marker.

Since they're waxed cardboard, we don't expect too much water damage when we're keeping up with the garden. But, just in case, we're being careful not to pour water directly on them.

This was a recycled project all around: recycled shoes, recycled cardboard box, and recycled garden markers to grow our own food.

That said, be sure to share your creative container reuse ideas with us!

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