Psyching Yourself Up for a Big Project

Psyching Yourself Up for a Big Project

Abby Stone
Jun 26, 2008

One of the projects we're considering for the long weekend next weekend is re-grouting our kitchen tile, a project we've been meaning to get around to for a long time. It's not that we haven't read up on how to do it (we have), so we know that re-grouting is different from grouting. And next weekend, with three and a half days off, seems like a reasonable block of time to get it done...

...and the piece that I have to re-grout isn't even that large (maybe 2 feet by 1 feet) nor is it that bad (or at least no one's ever said anything). I've even bought all the stuff I need to do it with. But. And therein lies the problem. The longer it hangs around, the bigger that BUT grows until it feels like in order to get it done will take a million people, a bazillion dollars, a whole month! Or, at least a whole day I'd rather spend: hanging out with friends, writing, mixing up cocktails, hiking, contemplating my navel. Anything except the dreaded, dragging my feet, torturous, awful and messy re-grouting of my kitchen's counter top tile.

But now, having said it here on AT, I've pretty much set myself up to have to do it and then blog about it, haven't I? The funny thing is, once I start, it probably won't take that long and it might even be kinda fun. And then there's the satisfaction of the job done yourself and the afterglow...But it's just the getting started. What do you do to get yourself to start a big project you've been dreading?

[Image via MrVJTod's Flickr page, licensed via a Creative Commons License]

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