How To…Reuse Gift Paper For Your Walls

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

An old “Hot Toddy” idea in ReadyMade reminded us of our grandmother delicately removing the tape from each gift so she can save her wrapping paper for later use. We bet she’d never use it on her walls, though. But for the edgier ReadyMade reader under age 92, the idea of preserving beautiful paper and showing it off on your walls is quite appealing. Todd Oldham offers up some simple instructions:

1. Cut out your chosen shapes from gift wrap, either in a repeat motif or something more scenic.
2. Using a paintbrush or sponge, apply a thin layer of adhesive to the wall and lay the paper pieces on top, pretty sides facing out.
3. Using the pad brush, smooth out any air bubbles, moving from the center to the edge of the shapes.
4. Allow to dry.

We loved this issue of ReadyMade, have gotten a lot of great ideas, and as always, gained inspiration for fulfilling all of our untapped DIY ambitions…

(Re-published from a post dated 12/5/06)