How To...Right Things When You've Been Wronged

How To...Right Things When You've Been Wronged

Nov 9, 2007

Recently, we told you about someone who got a box of tiles instead of a hard drive.

Sometimes, things just don't go the way they should. What recourse do you have?

The Consumerist has put together "The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Back," and we've got the highlights for you after the jump.

Consumerist breaks it down into three sections, which each have their own steps:
Section 1: "I've been wronged! What do I do next?"
Section 2: The Consumerist Corporate Executive Directory
Section 3: Success Stories

Section 1:
Start with Step 1 by getting things together; write down what happened and what you'll accept for a solution. Also include the company contact information in the same document. If you're recording the information on your computer, time stamp your document (Consumerist links to showing you a couple of options).

One thing Consumerist doesn't mention that has worked really well for us is to keep track of each person we talk to from the first call on to the last person, including their name, employee number or, even better, their direct telephone number, and the time and date you talked with that person.

Step 2 is to educate yourself on the different tactics you have for approaching the call, from killing them with kindness to playing hardball.

Step 3 is to follow through with the call, continuing up the chain of command as necessary. Keep in mind, you control the call.

Section 2:
If, at the end of section 1, the problem hasn't be resolved, The Consumerist has an extensive collection of executive telephone numbers to escalate your call to the highest levels of the company.

Section 3:
Revel in your success story. Consumerist has a great list of inspiring and thoughtful stories of different ways people found success.

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