How To...Sell Old DVDs in a Few Clicks

How To...Sell Old DVDs in a Few Clicks

Sonia Zjawinski
Mar 4, 2009

Last weekend we decided to get our Spring cleaning on. We went through everything, purging where we could. As we went through the storage containers we had forgotten about years ago in our closets we discovered a goldmine of DVDs we would never watch again. There were tons of TV box sets obtained when we wrote a story on the increasing length of "previously on..." recaps for Wired magazine. Alias, Dallas, Knot's Landing, Grey's Anatomy. You name it, it was in that box.

We decided, rather than letting these DVDs gather dust, we should sell them, but the last thing we wanted to do was invest a bunch of time photographing and listing these titles on eBay. We wanted a quick fix. That's when we found DVD Pawn...

DVD Pawn is essentially an online pawn shop for, that's right, your movies. You simply type in the title of the discs you have and it'll tell you how much the company will buy them for. Prices vary, but it gave us the highest quotes we could find. Felicity the fourth season, for example, got us $12, though the British Office only got us $3.

After we agreed to their quotes we boxed up our DVDs, sent them to Texas, and a few days later they Paypaled us our money (you can also opt for a check). We ended up with $120 and a less cramped closet. Sure, we could have gotten more money, but the time saved was priceless in our opinion.

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