How to…Transform Popcorn Ceilings

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
This weekend we enjoyed a big bag of popcorn at the movie theater (
Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm!!), and we noted how much we love the buttery cinema favourite. But ask us about popcorn ceilings, and we’re likely to start heaving in disgust. Unfortunately, acoustic popcorn ceilings are commonplace in Los Angeles; I know from personal experience, growing up in a 70’s ranch style tract home where my father and I spent many of afternoons repairing the dreadful stuff.

Curbly contributor faust wanted to do something with his sprayed ceilings, and was able to transform his hallway from “blah” to “hurrah” after a few hours of work with a utility knife, adhesive, a miter box, putty knife and polystyrene crown molding panels. At $6.99 per 24″x24″ tile, this DIY transformation resulted in a notable finish for a nominal price. We crown it “worth looking up to”.