How Watering My Plants 6 Times A Day Has Them Thriving

How Watering My Plants 6 Times A Day Has Them Thriving

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 14, 2010

Before this past season I've always considered myself to have a partial green thumb. I say "partial" because I do just fine keeping my indoor plants alive during the Spring, Summer and Fall months, but when Winter is here and the heat is on full blast and we're not seeing as much sun... well, my results were less than awesome.

This year however was different. My plants have been growing non-stop and in fact are doing better than they have during past seasons. They're sprouting new leaves, growing taller and have excellent color (even though they're only seeing a few hours of daylight and are being blasted by the heater vent).

So what am I doing different? I'm watering them 6 times a day, sometimes more. 6 times a day?! What? I must be crazy! Ok, so let me explain. I potted these plants at the end of the summer season and the pickings for ceramic pots was rather slim, so the only option were ones with attached drainage trays.

Each time I would water the plants, it would drain straight through and 5 minutes later be flowing out of the tray and onto whatever was near by. Awesome. Instead, I started watering from the bottom and filling the tray roughly 6 times a day — each time it was empty. As a result, I can practically hear my plants sing. They drink when they want, grow always and are reaching all new heights! It eliminates over and underwatering all together.

There is no magical number to how many times a day you should be watering your own plants; it all has to do with how much they're drinking. When you pass them by, just see if they need a little more. Soon they'll be big and strong and your thumb will be a little greener!

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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