How Would You Deal With Extra-Funky Tap Water?

How Would You Deal With Extra-Funky Tap Water?

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 10, 2010

In July my husband and I moved into a new place in Kansas City, KS. Our home had to have new plumbing and all new fixtures installed before we could move in, but little did we know that we'd be faced with the biggest frustration we've ever had to endure (outside of matching up wallpaper patterns).

Our water was so foul in taste and smell we started bringing in bottled water. Bottled water! I write for a eco-friendly website and I'm bringing in bottled water! The horror!

We stayed in temporary housing the first few weeks after our move and so we didn't quite realize what was going on until a few weeks later when we finally moved in officially. We had seen neighbors lugging in bottles of water and like horrible judgmental people we scoffed, usually muttering something about how many water bottles it takes to go around the globe and how many of them come from our own neighbors.

And then we drank our first sip of tap water... and then we spit it right back out. Although the city has verified it's within potable limits, it emits a smell that's literally gagging (especially when brushing your teeth... ew). We didn't really have time to look into filters outside of our Brita pitcher as we had major construction issues to deal with that were more pressing.

So we started bringing in bottled water. At previous residences (even those with less than desirable water quality) we've always just drank tap water, or from a refrigerator filter or Brita filter. The Brita didn't even make a dent on what we were facing and so we started picking up water by the case and filling gallon jugs at a local water by the gallon refill station. The amount of waste it generated was insane, the stairs we had to take it up (43 to be exact) was insane, and most of all, paying for water was insane!

At that point we had horrible guilt for making fun of the neighbors in the past as it is really the only choice. At this point it's safe to say that the chemical makeup of our tap water is not dissimilar to that of Optimus Prime (yeah, the Transformer).

Bottled water is ridiculous, going through filters (that don't work all that well) on pitchers at the rate of 8 gallons a filter is ridiculous. We're looking into in-line whole home filters but we're curious if you've had any experience with them in your own home?

Do you have a suggestion to cure our water woes? Let me know in the comments below! I'm all ears!

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