How Would You Like To Be His Neighbor?

How Would You Like To Be His Neighbor?

Regina Yunghans
May 19, 2009

Canadian inventor John Hutchison has had to deal with a few complaints about the state of his New Westminster, British Columbia apartment over the years. But the complaints aren't the usual for this inventor of a non-depleting battery and anti-gravity devices...

He keeps a large collection of Navy surplus equipment on his balcony, which has led to city inspections of his home and outrage from at least one of his neighbors. Some out-of-the-ordinary quotes from Free Energy News about his small apartment and disputes with neighbors:

"John is really quite disenchanted. He's not done much with his stuff for nearly two years now. His apartment is too small. It takes too much effort to get things out to where he can work on them, only to have to put them away again."

"Actually, the stuff out on the balcony is not really the issue with the neighbors", Hutchison said. "When I was doing some filming for FOX news and Griffin Films, neighbors were complaining about items floating in their apartment. At that point, I decided to stop working with the anti-gravity technology and just focus on the energy technology,"

How would you like to be Hutchison's neighbor? Would you be intrigued, annoyed, even afraid?

(Image: Vlad of ZP Energy)

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