Can How You Take Your Coffee Tell You How to Design Your Home?

published Jun 26, 2015
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I’m not a coffee drinker, but I am a coffee drinking observer. I’m fascinated with all the different ways folks take their coffee that you can spot while working from a favorite coffee shop. For many, it’s a daily habit, and it seems as if it’s a highly telling habit, one that might hint at your personality — perhaps even how you might decorate your home.

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You might find a little truth in the paragraphs below (or you might be one of those caffeine rebels whose coffee preferences don’t match up with your home’s style at all!), but if you find your personality or decor style reflected back at you, consider our tips for how to push your design envelope.

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If you like your coffee black with nothing in it

You might be the type that likes minimal, sparse, uncluttered spaces that make visual sense. Where things are where they’re supposed to go. You like simplicity, but you also like quality. You nerd out on design and details — and you tend to prefer routine over changing up your space often. You might be a big fan of black and white color palettes and Scandinavian interiors. You like to look toward the future, with new high-tech gadgets and ideas. Perhaps your interiors are often described as modern, classic or traditional.

How to challenge your decor: Consider adding some vintage elements to your decor, items that hint at the past but are still streamlined enough to fit in a simple, classic space. Consider incorporating different colors if you do tend to stick to a black and white palette exclusively, or consider branching out with textures to really give your sleek spaces more warmth and depth.

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If you like lattes and coffee drinks with lots of milk, cream or sugar

You might relish in the cozy comforts of life — and your home reflects that. Comfortable seating is probably found in all rooms and corners of your space. Plush bedding greets you at night. You enjoy entertaining folks in your home, and you’re a great host, too. You’ve got a bar cart full of enticing treats and always have comfy sheets for overnighters. Your rooms are full of decor elements, delicate details and things to look at, feel and touch.

How to challenge your decor: Try and incorporate some negative space into any rooms that might be bursting at the seams with decor elements to add in an element of peacefulness to the space. Consider bringing in a really bold element — a fun piece of art, something painted a bold color or a stark and graphic black — to become a strong focal point to anchor a space that might have a lot of design elements going on.

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If you like your coffee over ice

You might stay on top of trends in home decor, from the latest pattern craze to what color is hot right now. You’re prone to spontaneously repainting a hallway or a room one of those new colors. The hottest DIY project found on Pinterest? You’ve already done one for every vignette. There might even be a few decor elements you still have displayed that some consider to have jumped the design shark.

How to challenge your decor: Consider investing in some classic design elements that are neutral, not only to give the eye a break in any busy rooms, but to give you a strong design base to work your new looks around. But also, keep incorporating any trends you see if you love them, since that’s all that’s important!

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If you prefer tea

You might be someone that’s attracted to more bohemian, eclectic spaces, where the design “style” is pretty hard to pin down. You might like slow mornings, casual get-togethers, floor pillows, leafy plants and furniture that doesn’t really “match.”

How to challenge your decor: You might consider creating cohesion in very eclectic spaces by incorporating design elements that share similar details. You could also think about adding a little order in certain parts of the home, like creating a structured, formal gallery wall that will contrast with a more informal seating arrangement.

Well, what do you think? Does your coffee preference match the design personality of your space as laid out in this post? Feel free to tell us how you take your coffee and how your home looks (and whether the two have anything to do with one another!).

→ Editor’s note: This post relied heavily on the info we found in the post “What does your coffee reveal about you?” found on Psych Central. You can read more about how one’s personality might be reflected in their coffee choice.