How Your Smartphone Can Get You a Job

How Your Smartphone Can Get You a Job

Mike Tyson
Jan 9, 2012

Even with the hopeful December numbers, the job market is still rough for job seekers. And getting creative with your search and differentiating yourself anyway possible is likely to give you a leg-up against the competition. Passing out business cards can be so old fashioned -- why not use your phone as a way to find a job or get new business?

1. Use Photo Albums
This one is for the creative types. Mixed in with all of your Instagram photos of food and buildings, it may be worthwhile to include a photo album of examples of your work. Although you could technically navigate to your personal website but that is much less reliable and more cumbersome. Imagine meeting someone at a bar.. a potential client or employer and you happen to mention your work. Quickly bringing up your work through a photo album is an efficient way to sneak in a little self promotion into the conversation.

2. Bump
What if you want to share your contact information, a calendar date, photos, etc with someone you meet? Bump is a great way to do so quickly. And being one of the most downloaded apps, it's pretty safe to assume your new friend will have it too. We recommend keeping full professional contact info of yourself to share for this very reason.

3. Have 2 Resumes
Having 2 versions of your resume available is best. One well designed PDF copy is good to demonstrate your skills in a properly displayed format. A second very basic, unformatted resume is also good if you need to reference something on the fly and dont have time to pinch through a PDF. Using an app like Dropbox would allow you to access all of these necessary files on your iPhone.

4. Use Videos
Smartphones these days have high performing graphic cards and displays. Take advantage of this when meeting new people. Let your phone show your demo reel or video testimonies... whatever it might be. Remember videos can be a lot more engaging when telling a story than words or photos so trying to incorporate them into a discussion could be really helpful to you.

5. Use QR Codes
Finally, a tip for your business card and your potential employer. Use QR codes! Exchanging information is much more efficient thanks to QR codes. Generate one for free with all your contact information, print it on your business card // and let potential employers or clients scan it to quickly access all your pertinent information on their phone without having to input any of it by hand.

(Images: Flickr member Steve Rhodes and pixage licensed for use under Creative Commons.)

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