How To Make Your Own Custom Champagne Poppers

How To Make Your Own Custom Champagne Poppers

Tess Wilson
Jan 27, 2011

Champagne poppers are marvels of simplicity, festivity, and engineering, and I had my heart set on having a big bowl or vase of them at my birthday party. Unfortunately, the red/yellow/blue/green poppers did not quite work with my pink/teal/silver/gold color scheme...

I searched for champagne poppers in "prettier" colors, to no avail. There were a couple silver options but they looked very wedding-y. Though there are great deals on bulk poppers online, once I factored in shipping it was the same price to buy them at Cliff's Variety in the Castro, and way more fun. There they cost $3 for a pack of 12, and I bought 4 packs. This is one of those projects that might seem...crazy, but it was lots of fun. Of course, it helps to be really, really excited about champagne poppers, turning 31, and the excellent garland from CONFETTISYSTEM for Urban Outfitters (sold out, unfortunately).

  • The supplies I used were: letter stamper (this one is by Provo Craft), gold stamp pad, homemade champagne glass stamp, craft glue stick, and lots of scrap paper in pinks and blue.
  • Cut your paper in strips the same width as the poppers' labels, and long enough to wrap around with about an inch of overlap. I used my little Fiskars slide-cutter because I'm hopeless with scissors.
  • Stamp, sticker, draw, or write on each of your strips of paper, keeping in mind what portion of the paper will actually show once it's wrapped around the popper. The word "champagne" fit perfectly with just a little space to spare. Let them dry, if needed!
  • Apply a thin, even amount of glue to the back of a paper strip, applying generously on what will be the outside end.
  • Wrap the paper around the popper, pressing the end on firmly. Be sure to start with the blank end so your design shows, and be sure to glue it on right-way-up!
  • Repeat many, many times!
  • I would love to do this again using gorgeous papers, such as the ones you see in the last photo. You could find the absolute perfect paper to fit your occasion! The fleur-de-lis, candy, and apple papers are Italian and available (along with hundreds of other designs) at Flax Art & Design on Market, and the chandelier paper is by Julia Rothman for Hello!Lucky.
  • These would also make great place cards, with a guests name written on each one!

Images: Tess Wilson

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