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How To: Hang a Quilt Artistically

updated May 10, 2019
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The large expanse of white wall in our guest room bored us terribly, and we didn’t have any idle artwork lying around that we could use to jazz it up. Then it dawned on us – we have a fantastic New England quilt, which was revealing only a smidgen of its beauty folded at the end of my bed. This colorful piece of art, found by our mom at a quintessential New Hampshire auction, could be displayed in all its glory! What a perfect match for the lonely white wall….

So, here’s our recommendation: peek around for a funky blanket, quilt or other random textile and hang it up!

Here’s how we did it without impaling the object directly with nails.

We remembered some comforter clips that were stashed in our hardware supplies. We bought them a while ago at Bed Bath and Beyond – they’re designed to hold the 4 corners of a comforter to the inside of a duvet cover so the comforter doesn’t scrunch into a maddening ball. They are perfect for hanging something heavier because they have “teeth” to grip the textile without harming it. Peeling back the white foam that covers part of the clip, a metal loop was revealed, which we used to hang over the nails on the wall. Voila!

With the quilt spread out on the wall, now we can relish the patterns, stitching, colors and incredible amount of work that went into creating this piece of art. For those of you who missed the amazing Quilts of Gees Bend exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts a few years ago, check them out here for some divine inspiration.

– Kyle