Hudson Furniture's Petrified Wood Stumps

Hudson Furniture's Petrified Wood Stumps

Laurie Siegel
Jan 18, 2012

So much of our modern aesthetic— particle board, deli meats, your favorite Kardashian sister— locates beauty in the reconfiguration of some original state of being. So it's particularly refreshing to find an absolutely stunning home object that both looks fresh and modern and yet highlights an untouched beauty inherent in a medium; Hudson Furniture's petrified wood stumps, which artfully blur the line between natural marble and wood, are such objects.

As with all their products, the stumps are made from wood slabs that are domestically gathered from salvaged or naturally-damaged trees, rather than old growth forests. As New York's only repository for legally-harvested, petrified wood, Hudson Furniture places the highest value on the organically-derived character of each piece they sell. As an outgrowth of that mission, the stumps themselves invite you to discover your own organic use for them. They can be used, for example, as an eccentric take on formal dining or as scattered, casual seats similar to errant logs you might stumble upon in a forest.

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(Images: Hudson Furniture)

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