Hue Matters: Does Your Paint Choice Fit Your Personality?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I read a quote from designer Thomas O’Brien where he described his favorite paint color. “I painted my entire apartment in Timidity, a chalky khaki that reminds me of limestone or old pale ivory. It’s the non-white white — a rich, surprising color that changes throughout the day. . . And I absolutely love the name. I was always the shy one. I have this reserve and I’ve had to grow out of it.”

Along the same lines, a friend and I were sitting around talking paint. We are both loving gray shades lately and were discussing the colors we had chosen. She had gone with Intellectual Gray, which seemed quite fitting for my savvy-minded friend. An opinionated friend of hers had chosen Attitude Gray. I thought about it, then chimed in that I had gone with Magnetic Grey for my bedroom. It was a light bulb moment when we realized we had all unknowingly chosen hues with names that seemed to fit our personality types.

Which led me to wonder — what does our paint choice say about who we are? Do we subconsciously end up choosing a paint color whose name reflects something about ourselves or what we are drawn to? Or perhaps, is our paint choice partially influenced by the descriptive name of the color? So my question for you. Do the names of paint you’ve chosen say anything about you?

Images: Flickr user Omar Omar licensed for use under Creative Commons