This Candle Is Specifically for Hufflepuffs Who Have Had Enough

published Jan 25, 2020
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What does a Hufflepuff smell like? According to one candle maker, a delicious blend of creamy vanilla and buttery sugar cookies. Makes sense to us. Hufflepuffs are known for their loyalty, and there’s nothing as enduring as our love for baked goods. 

But only the smell of the candle is sweet—the name, not so much. Sold by Etsy seller Sugar and Geek, it’s delightfully called “I Don’t Give a HuffleF*ck.” Sugar and Geek has also carried similar candles for the rest of the Harry Potter Hogwarts houses: “I Don’t Give a RavenCrap,” “I Don’t Give a GryffinDamn,” and “I Don’t Give a Slitersh*t.” At the moment, the Hufflepuff candle is the only one in stock, but they’re such a good idea, we’re hoping she brings the rest back too.

According to reviewers, this is not just a novelty gift. “Not only is this a fun gift for any Harry Potter fan, but it really does smell absolutely amazing,” wrote one. “The label is nice- it doesn’t look like somebody printed it from their cheap home printer, which is the one thing I was worried about when I purchased. I’d definitely buy this, or any of her other candles, again.

The same shop sells lots of other fandom-themed candles. Gilmore Girls-lovers can choose from eight candles inspired by the show, including “Luke’s Diner” (pancakes, waffles, and maple syrup), “Sookie” (sugar cookies), and, of course, “I Smell Snow” (musk, violet, peaches, vanilla, and florals)—or you can buy all eight in a handy set.

You can also buy Friends-themed altar candles, featuring Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joe styled as saints.

Check out all the shop’s candles (expect to find Dwight Schrute, Harry Styles, Keanu Reeves, and more) here.