We’re Considering Leaving Our Partners for This $25 Sloth Pool Float

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Credit: Walmart

When it comes to pool floats, we thought we’d seen it all. Now that it’s officially summer, our Instagram feeds are overflowing with the usual suspects: swans, unicorns, pineapples, pizza slices, and mermaid tails. There are even pool floats for you and your dog if you want to relax on the water with your furry friend. But this sloth pool float takes things to the next level.

At first glance, you might think, Oh, what a cute little sloth. I could lounge on that in the pool. But then, you notice the sloth is huggable, meaning you can wrap its arms around you for added stability so you don’t tip over. And—let’s be real—for emotional support.

The packaging promises “a cool dip and a cozy hug,” and honestly, those are the only two things we need this summer. But if a cold beverage is also on your list of must-haves, the sloth can accommodate that too, because one of its paws has a cup holder. The sloth thought of everything.

Just look at that shy little smile. Not to be dramatic, but we feel like this sloth will understand us and our needs better than anyone ever has before.

There’s also a huggable panda bear pool float, and it’s just as cute as the sloth.

So is the teddy bear. We can’t decide which is our favorite.

We can’t wait to take our emotional support sloth out on the water.