Benefits of Humidifier or Vaporizer In the Nursery?

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Q: I live in Chicago and am due on Feb 11. We are going to install a ceiling fan (for cooling down the room when the heat is one, for eventual re-sell value, and to help reduce risk of SIDS), but should I also consider a humidifier or vaporizer? I figure they will help with white noise, but are there other good reasons (SIDS, room temp, colds, etc.)?

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Editor: Many parents find humidifiers beneficial for baby and children’s rooms (or the whole house frankly) in the winter to help relieve cold symptoms. Besides the NoseFrida, keeping air moist is one of the only things you can do to combat congestion before children are old enough for cold medicine. How effective this is is probably debatable, but some parents swear by them. Readers, what do you think? Did you put a humidifier in the nursery?

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