Hutten & Palaste: Small Living Made Happy

click thumbnails for larger pics We’ll be the first one’s to admit that our German is a little rusty. And by rusty, we really mean it only goes as far as saying Volkswagen and Wienerschnitzel. But language was no boundary for these jaw dropping garden and backyard dwellings from Hütten & Paläste. Their bright colors, inside and out, make them feel ridiculously happy and cozy!
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Hütten & Paläste Architekten is an architecture and interior design firm out of Berlin. Their website has a flag to click on at the bottom to change the text to English, so if you’re rusty like we are, it can be a big help! Although, we warn you, you can’t spend less than 20 minutes clicking through step by step photos of their handiwork!

Each structure that’s been built (or is in planning phases) is able to be clicked on and you are able to scroll through (use the arrows) to see the different phases of their building process, concept and final shots of each build. Each is designed to be any number of things. It could be an outdoor office, guest quarters, a vacation house or a main residence, it just depends on how you’d like to use it! We think they’d be a fun change of pace if you had land to put them on as they make living small feel happy and enjoyable! Their bright colors could obviously be changed, but their spaces are so filled with light that the bright colors are undeniably cheery and invigorating.

In addition to their larger residential structures, there are projects featured for smaller structures such as outdoor tool storage, outdoor winter plant storage, cabins, houseboats and more! Check out information about the specific dwellings from their website and also below…

Featured Above, Left to Right
CaLa – The Chameleon Cabin: Choose between a simple finish or full insulation.
A functional floor plan creates ample space: the roomy multi-purpose living room has large glass doors with folding shutters, opening up toward the garden.

MiLa – The Mini-Cabin: A spacious and well-lit room opens toward the garden on sunny days and offers refuge when it rains. All functional areas are reduced to a minimum and arranged beside the cabin: a composting toilet, a shelf for storage and processing of harvested crops, ample closet space for tools.

Garden Salon Süssen: The main premise of the Garden Salon is to combine the two areas: A room for entertaining guests that can be opened up onto a small courtyard via folding doors, and a slightly elevated porch that provides a choice view of the surrounding landscape.

DuLa – Durchlaube: This garden cabin was designed specifically with the needs of young families in mind. The wide sliding doors enlarge the central interior space outward along the cabin´s width, where weather-
proof “facade furniture” can be used for cooking, and at the same time provides opportunities to sit, rest and play.

Garden Cabin Reduction: In Berlin, oversized garden cabins have a restricted floor size. With this in mind and respecting the wish of the client to give his cabin a new face with bright, open rooms for a more contemporary way of life, a large portion of the old cabin was simply sawed away, replaced by a new facade with large window openings. Superfluous walls and ceilings were removed from the interior and the purpose of the rooms was concentrated to create one large room with a view of the vast garden.

Images via: Hütten & Paläste Architekten and Claudia Angelmaier