Hyacinth Home Fragrance: The Smell Of Spring

Synonymous with spring, Hyacinth flowers are now readily available at grocery stores, garden centers and florists alike. I actually just picked one up at Home Depot for a bargain! I couldn’t resist—as soon as I walked by the display their scent drew me in and I just stood there, smiling, inhaling deeply.

While the olfactory impact was not quite as intense once I brought home the single plant, it was still surprisingly significant; the scent of the small Hyacinth wafts delicately through the air of my apartment, a Spring-wink welcoming in the new season.

No need for essential oils and candles now—and better still, this aromatic addition can be left unattended!

Re-use Ready

As an added bonus, when the flower dies you can save the bulb for use next year. Simply remove the stem, keeping the leaves intact, and put the bulb in a dark place until November (under the bed?). At that point transfer the bulb to the crisper of your fridge for two months, then replant with potting soil to grow indoors. Alternatively, if you have access to the garden once the original dies you can plant it directly in the ground and wait for it to resurface next Spring!

For an in-depth look at this pretty plant follow the link.