Hydropal Filter Water Bottle: For Better Tasting Water

Hydropal Filter Water Bottle: For Better Tasting Water

Abby Stone
Jan 15, 2010

As we rush out for the day, we grab our water bottle from the fridge filled with cold filtered tap water. We drink it pretty quickly going about our errands, so soon it's time to refill. We fill it from the nearest tap and take a sip. Ugh! New York may be well known for the taste of their tap water, but in Los Angeles, unfiltered tap water tastes like liquid mud. This is the moment when buying a bottle of water becomes tempting. There is another option.

Using activated carbon (carbon which has been treated to make it extremely porous), the Hydropal Filter Water Bottle sifts out chemicals and solids—from VOCs to pesticides and herbicides—leaving water that tastes as fresh as the filtered stuff in your own home. A no-spill sipper top makes it easy to have your water on the go; a self sealing valve give you instant fast flow with no contact. Just point and squeeze. It's perfect for a long run with your pet, who might need a bit of water to keep going just as you do.

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