The Sleek Water Filter Carafe I Can’t Live Without

published Nov 17, 2021
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Credit: Kitchn

Optimizing fridge space is a necessity, whether you live with roommates, you like to meal prep, or you just want the area to be functional. It’s why we already have a list of editor-favorite fridge organizers handy, to store your fruits, veggies, leftovers, drinks, and more in the most efficient way possible. But when it comes to organizing, there’s one item that you may not have considered is eating up a bunch of space: your water filter pitcher. These items tend to be so bulky that I skipped buying one altogether in my new apartment. However, I had a change of heart when I discovered the Hydros Water Filter Slim Pitcher with its extremely sleek and space-saving design.

There are a few reasons I absolutely love this pitcher, the most obvious being how it’s designed. Right off the bat, I loved the carafe style as a shake up from the usual pitcher that I’ve owned before. It’s pretty enough to put right on your kitchen table for dinner, especially if you’re having guests over. And because I don’t mind my water being room temperature, I’ve considered just leaving it on my desk as I work with a glass to replace the 40-ounce plastic water bottle I normally use.

What really drew me to the pitcher in the first place, however, was definitely the compact size. It nestles perfectly on my fridge door, despite the same shelf holding a cold brew maker, Soda Stream bottle, and various condiments. Because my roommates and I each have a shelf in the fridge for our food, I wanted a pitcher that would fit on the door so as not to occupy anyone else’s area. And it’s done the job perfectly! (But if the carafe seems too tiny for you, they also offer a wider 64-ounce pitcher.)

Credit: Erin Cavoto

The only drawback I considered from the small size was that I would need to be constantly refilling it. And while I do regularly fill it throughout the day, it’s not a hassle at all because of the incredibly speedy filtering system. I’ve never used a pitcher that filters nearly this quickly — I simply hold it under a slow stream of water and fill the entire carafe in under a minute. No more waiting around for the water to drain before you can finish filling the entire container. Essentially, if others leaving the Brita empty has been a sticking point for you in the past, trust me when I say this carafe is the answer.

Because I love this pitcher so much, I’m also considering buying the infuser accessory that they offer to make the entire experience feel even more luxe — cucumber water out of this sleek carafe sounds like a winning idea!

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