HZL Surf Rugs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
How about that weather yesterday? Ninety-five degrees, and a gorgeous afternoon!…while the rest of the nation is starting to get nipped by good ol’ Jack Frost, here in SoCali, we’re goin’ to the beach! That’s why we’re lucky to live here, and it’s also a driving force behind the growing influence of the surf culture that thrives here. Designer
Calle Henzel took inspiration for our local coastal communities with his collection of surfboard shaped rugs.

Manufactured by HZL, these wool rugs are hand made and sport names such as “Pacific Coast Aerosol”, “Naughty Malibu Cabana”, and “Black’s Beach Tropicana Club”. There are over 20 designs to choose from, and are custom made to order. Available here.