I Got Healthier This Summer in 10 Seconds a Day

I Got Healthier This Summer in 10 Seconds a Day

Jennifer Hunter
Aug 27, 2014
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Of course I always want to practice healthy habits but, you know, life, amiright? Even so, I recently implemented one tiny change that is so stupidly easy I don't know how I waited so long. What did I do?

Every morning I wake up, sit up and drink a full glass of water.

We're always hearing how everyone is chronically dehydrated (up to 75% of people), but I didn't realize that starting my day with water would make my mornings so much easier. You see, even when I'd gotten enough sleep, I'd been waking up feeling groggy and a little headachy. When I made hydration a priority, those symptoms pretty much immediately vanished.

And here's the big, stick-to-it trick for me: I set the water right next to my bed the night before so when I wake up, I don't even have to think about stumbling to the kitchen, locating a glass and making it into a big production. I quickly down the water and move on with my morning.

Not rocket science, just a good reminder. Drink up!

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