Design Confession: I Hate "Spa" Bathrooms (& That's Okay)

Design Confession: I Hate "Spa" Bathrooms (& That's Okay)

Jennifer Hunter
Mar 26, 2015
(Image credit: Nasozi Kakembo)

Perhaps you've noticed an influx of a certain type of bathroom over the years; it's sleek, it's trendy and it's often — oddly — mildly Buddhist-themed for some reason. Yes, I'm describing the rise of the spa-style bath. They're not my thing and I'm cool with that.

How in the heck did we take something so pleasant — a spa day — and turn it into a design style that's filled with uncomfortable wooden bathmats and awkward vessel sinks (Have you ever tried to wash your face in one of those things? Madness!)? I guess I get it: spas are luxurious, spas are trendy; therefore, adding those elements into your own home must mean it's also very cool. I disagree. The last thing I want in a real-person bathroom is to struggle to figure out how to turn on the shower.

But here's the real meat of my point: when I first began to see these baths everywhere, I felt an odd pressure to like them. I felt like I was wrong if I couldn't see the value in what other people were liking. What? That's crazy! I like stepping out of the shower onto a plushy, absorbent mat, not a pile of sticks. Some people like the sticks, they find them soothing on their feet meat. That's great for them, and it's fine for me to disagree.

We constantly show you tons of new styles and ideas around here. Some of it will excite you, some of it might incite your rage, but let's all agree to let go of the need to try and like something that we just don't. That only serves to make you feel icky on so many levels. Focus on what you love and decorating really does get so much easier and more fun. I promise.

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