I See It! Laura's Kitchen of Pears

I See It! Laura's Kitchen of Pears

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 26, 2008


BOY did I get a lot of answers to this one! 62 and counting....

Last night I came up to Boston on the Bolt Bus to take our stupendous Boston team (Jeanine, Kyle, Wes & Kayla and Emma) out to dinner (Aaron came too!) and ended up drinking, eating and talking about blogs for hours and hours until we were all about to pass out (it's also so cold up here that I don't think anyone wanted to go back outside).

The Bolt for only a $1 (sometimes), but, hey, there's rolling wifi too!

Along the way, a great idea for a post arose from the crowd. The idea was to take a picture of a room, change something and then photograph it again and see if anyone could tell what had changed. Yeah, sure it's been done before, but WE'VE never done it and it works so well with interiors, that I thought I try it out on all of you today.

Great big globes of light at the place we ate, Bouchee. Very brassy, boston style with a faint French edge.

So, here's the challenge.


Above is my friend Laura Baring-Gould's kitchen. She is a sculptor and she casts pears out of bronze, which are amazing (www.laurabaringgould.com). She has many of them and has even done a big one for the city of Boston.


Now here is her kitchen again, just minutes later, and five things have changed.

One thing is missing, two things have moved, and two things have switched.

Can you see it?

1 Removed - the kettle
2 Moved - one pear went to the floor, and the clementine, plate and knife went to the stove top
2 Switched - the tulips and small tree were switched, and the oil cans up top were rearranged by size

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