Iacoli & McCallister: Mini-Pedestals

Serving Dishes are a dime a dozen now a days — every store thinks they have the next big thing. It’s rare that you find a serving dish that really stands out from the rest … in a good way.

We think that Iacoli & McCallister hit the jackpot when they released their Mini Pedestal serving dishes. We’ve actually been looking high and low for an interesting cake serving dish and they all seemed to fall flat (no pun intended!) We were yearning for something that our mothers wouldn’t dare serve anything on!

These Iacoli & McCallister Mini Pedestal serving dishes are vintage powder coated brass candlestick holder base with a Corian top. Each vintage base is unique and the Mini Pedestals are hand assembled in Seattle, Washington.

They come in several great colors and range in price from $90 – $120 and are available through Iacoli & McCallister.