I Found the Goldilocks of Pillows and It’s Changed Everything About the Way I Sleep

published Mar 31, 2022
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Credit: Sophia Hsin/Stocksy

Are you using a pillow that caters to the type of sleeper you are? To be honest, I never thought too deeply about how beneficial that approach could be. My mindset when choosing a pillow is usually, if it feels good in hand, then it’ll feel nice to sleep on, too. Okay, so that strategy doesn’t always work out, but it’s opened my eyes to pillows I wouldn’t have considered before. Pillow Cube has been on AT’s radar for a while now because of its fantastic quality and (let’s be honest) odd shape, giving one of our editors their “best sleep in months.” It’s not one I’d usually pick out from the bunch, but hearing such rave reviews made me want to know more. Yes, I’m a stomach sleeper and the Pillow Cube Ice Cube Cooling Pillow PRO is technically tailored to support side sleepers, but I was actually more curious about its cooling properties since I tend to sleep hot. I had to try it out.

Before getting my Ice Cube Cooling Pillow, I took Pillow Cube’s sizing quiz to pinpoint the right one for me. My result was the 5”-thick PRO Cooling Pillow, which measures 12” x 24” (basically a longer version of the Classic 12” x 12” square pillow) and makes a perfect bed pillow. It features a quilted polyester cover that’s removable and washable, and it came with one of Pillow Cube’s solid white poly-spandex pillowcases that stretches around the rectangular shape of the cushion. (The brand offers additional pillowcase options if you ever want to change it up— Sky Dye is calling my name!)

The purpose of Pillow Cube’s Ice Cube Pillow (as opposed to the Pillow Cube Pro) is to eliminate the need to flip your pillow to the cold side. Inside the pillow, breathable poly fibers help regulate temperature and keep you from overheating. I can say with full confidence that I never had to turn this pillow over for being too hot. I laid on it comfortably for hours without even noticing how much time had passed! I considered myself a stomach sleeper through and through, but once I started using the Ice Cube Cooling Pillow, it opened up new possibilities for comfortable positions. I can lay on my side for way longer than I was able to before because the unique shape of the pillow fits in the curve between my neck and shoulder, relieving the pressure that would typically prompt me to roll over. Now, sometimes I actually do sleep on my side.

And while it’s sized for a bed, what I love most about the Ice Cube Cooling Pillow PRO is that it makes a great pillow for lounging. When I’m relaxing on the couch, I like to lay down on my side and watch TV, so I’ve been using the Pillow Cube instead of the (less-than-ideal) sofa arm. The pillow is soft and squeezable but not so cloud-like that I sink into it, so it maintains a cozy structure that’s perfect for me. I never thought I’d use a square pillow ever, but this is definitely a find that makes me so happy that I let my curiosity get the best of me.