This Dollar Store Find Helped Me Finally Get My Junk Drawers Under Control

published Sep 15, 2018
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(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

We know how overwhelming out-of-control junk drawers can be, but amazingly, we discovered a $1 buy that can help you get yours organized in mere minutes.

Believe it or not, those cheap plastic ice cube trays you can pick up at the dollar store are also awesome for organizing all kinds of crazy stuff around your home. Just stick one (or five) inside some of the messy drawers throughout your apartment to help streamline your place in seconds. Here are a few clever ways to use them:

1. In a Bathroom Drawer

Corral all of your loose hair ties, bobby bins, and other bathroom miscellany inside your drawer with an ice cube tray. You can also employ one with longer molds (like this one on Amazon) to store worn-down make up pencils you just aren’t ready to let go of.

2. Inside Your Desk Drawer

Searching for a cheap way to organize your home office on the fly? Ice cube trays can hold everything from paper clips to broken crayons and binder clips, and cost way less than pricey desktop and drawer organizers.

3. In Your Vanity Drawer

Always seem to be losing earring backs, rings, and other small jewelry items? Ice cube trays, especially the ones with smaller molds, are the perfect size for stashing your favorite baubles. Plus, if you pick a fun shape or color, they can look every bit as cute as a proper jewelry box.

Still not sold on the organizing power of a measly ice cube tray? Try picking up a pair the next time you’re at the dollar store and if you don’t find they make your home more orderly, use them to make some delicious coffee ice cubes or cheesecake pops instead!