ICFF Notables III

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • Dolma Rugs – Oddly out of place at ICFF in their tradition dress, the Tibetan ladies and their rugs are a favorite resource with their rich colors and great prices

  • Hans Wegner’s CH07 – Caught, looking naughty in the Danish section

  • Wallbands from Twenty2 – This to-the-trade textile team has created this self adhesive “wall-band” product to dress up plain walls. Easily removes as well. Renters rejoice!

  • Flatpak House – Was featured with Flor products. This is a prefab concept that Charles & Ray would be proud of: a fully configurable, customizable & affordable house with big glass windows that bring the outside right in.

  • Neo-Metro – Steel toilets and a urinal that will turn you on! Note: seats are not metal, but finished polymer and therefore not cold on your buns.