ICFF Notables V

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • Dona Living Trineo Chairs – Clean and modern, but particularly liked the flare of the white seat against the dark wood.

  • Miguel Cribs – Though these are TOO much (like baby Rolls Royce’s), we just had to snap them.

  • Sensitile – “Light is dynamic, materials are stagnant.” Not anymore. This light reactive countertop/tile product runs the risks of being incredibly tacky, but it is fun to play with.

  • Galeano Poggi (Argentina) – These lights were so cool! They turn on when you pull them open and turn off when pushed down. We ran across the aisle to see them, and then were told that they were only prototypes. Someone should leap on these….

    The crib didn’t photograph well, but you have to understand that it grows as your baby grows, and slides to adjust beautifullly. It is a like a David Netto Transformer.

  • Baccarat – “Beware of the Dark Side, Luke!” Didn’t you think that crystal always meant “clear”? This is Starck’s black crystal lamp. It really is impressive, despite it’s dark, ominous quality.