ID Design Review 2006: Paint Buddy Touch Up Tool

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love ID magazine. There is something so calm and intelligent in the way that they cover and photograph design. No ego, just the facts, Ma’am. In their Annual Design Review Issue, they do what they do best. We’re going to blog those that stood out to us over the next few weeks.

The Paint Buddy Touch-Up Tool recieved an honorable mention. Designed by Beyond Design for Rubbermaid, the Paint-Buddy stores a small amount of water based paint (9 oz) and allows you to always have it on hand for touch-ups. The clear container also allows you to see exactly what color your dealing with.

While it is yet another thing to store in your home, it beats quart cans, and we would love to provide these to clients as we find leaving them with quart cans unsatisfactory. Chances are, the touch-ups will never happen.