IdeaPaint: And 8 Ways To Use It In Your Home

IdeaPaint: And 8 Ways To Use It In Your Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 8, 2009

A few weeks ago Carrie over at Ohdeedoh, alerted us to a new product that we think has possibilities for grown up spaces and kid spaces alike. IdeaPaint is a single-coat roller-applied paint, that transforms any smooth surface into a dry-erase writing surface. Click through to see our top 8 ideas on where we'd put this new idea to use in our home and we're not just talking about on the walls! Did we mention you can order a free sample?

Ideapaint is still patent pending and was a big hit at several conventions and design shows last year. It is aimed for use in corporate offices, home offices and schools, but we think there's a few more ways it could be used...

1 - Walls In Your Home Office: It seems obvious to say, but for us our home office is the brainstorm command center and is always full of lists and doodles, sketches and things we can't forget. Painting even a small portion of a wall with this paint could keep all the paper clutter at bay.

2 - On That Avocado Green Fridge: We aren't all blessed with fantastic appliances and although these big ticket items are always at the top of our "to be purchased" lists, something always comes up. This would be a perfect solution for the renter, who's landlord thinks there's nothing wrong with a fridge from the 70's. It might take a primer coat prior, but it would turn your chill chest into a giant memo board!

3 - Jars In Your Kitchen: In our kitchen we have large jars of flour and sugar lining our baking shelves. This paint would be great to help us label our stashes in a neat and orderly fashion. Block out a quick rectangle with masking tape and paint away.

4 - In Your Entryway: Sure you could paint a whole wall in this area with the paint, but just an average size rectangle would do the trick. You could also frame out the spot with a thrifted frame hung over the area and incorporate it into the design of the space.

5 - Inside Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Keep your grocery list tucked out of sight and apply a coat to the inside of a door in your kitchen. Write a recipe or even leave your significant other a love note to enjoy when they go to grab their morning coffee cup.

6 - Thrift Store Furniture: A fresh coat of white paint makes any piece of thrift store furniture look better. Just imagine if you could draw small graphics all over it. The 80's are back and a self-graffitied side table could be an easy way to incorporate the look!

7 - Large Applications: Maybe it's a giant board that you keep your sports brackets labeled on in your man cave, or a wall in your garage to make notes as your tearing apart an engine, or on a wall in your craft room to keep track of the number of quilting squares you need to finish your project.

8 - Home Accessories: Piggy Banks, Toy Boxes, Picture Frames... the list is endless. If it has a smooth surface it could be painted.

There is no need to remove the paint when you are ready for a new look, simply paint over it with a new paint of your choice. Plus, it doesn't leave behind the "ghosting" that other commercial dry erase boards are so famous for. You can purchase Ideapaint through their website, although we have a feeling you'll be seeing this in stores soon!

Sign up for a free sample (although it might take a few weeks to get to you) and test it out for yourself! We'll give you an update when ours arrives, we already have several things we want to try it on!

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