Ideas for a Peaceful Bathtime

Ideas for a Peaceful Bathtime

Julia Cho
Mar 30, 2010

Some babies love bath time from the beginning. Others go back and forth and seem to have a love/hate relationship with the bath. Either way, there are a few things that will make everyone happier...

• If bath time is a part of your bedtime routine, make sure you start early enough. Bath time will be a lot more stressful for everyone if you're tired or hurried and baby is already getting sleepy.

• Make sure you start with a tub that's comfortable for your child. If it's a slippery, make sure to add a mat or towel so that he/she feels secure. And don't forget temperature. Make sure it's not too hot or cold and you have a warm towel ready to wrap around him when he's all done.

• You don't need a ton of fancy toys, but a few stacking cups, a rubber duck, or something else your child has shown interest in should do the trick. It's a good idea to reserve those toys for bath time only to make the bath more alluring. We also rotate our bath toys every week or so just as we do the rest of the toys.

• Bathing with your child in the bath at some point may help him/her feel more relaxed about bath time. It may only take a few times of bathing with her before she's ready to try it again on her own.

• Try adding music on a portable mp3 player with his favorite songs or blowing some bubbles. Make it a special time.

• Oh, that hair rinse. If you struggle with this one, you're not alone. We've posted before about possible solutions to this one. (visors, special rinse cups, etc.) None of those worked for us! In the end, just communicating with our 18 month old and explaining that if she leaned back the water wouldn't get in her eyes is what did it for us. She now leans her head back when we tell her it's time to rinse her hair.

Another great tip from a friend- swimming lessons. If your child gets comfortable in the water, bath time will be a lot less intimidating.

What are your tips for a smoother bath time?

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