This Weekend: Do Something for People You Love (And Make Yourself Happy Too)

This Weekend: Do Something for People You Love (And Make Yourself Happy Too)

Dabney Frake
Feb 13, 2016
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Showing love — or the ability to put yourself out there and be intimate with another person — is one of the strongest predictors of health and happiness. And it's not just limited to romantic relationships —the same concept applies to friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, or other companions. So this weekend, increase the quality of your connection to another human being by demonstrating how much you care about them.

This Weekend's Assignment: Do or make something special — however small — for the people you love and like most in this world.

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Perform An Act of Kindness: This weekend, jumpstart one of your relationships by saying to someone you care about, “What can I do for you today that will make your life easier and less stressful?” And then do it. It might be washing the dishes that day, running out to get coffee, making breakfast, or giving a 15-minute massage. Or it might be planning something new for the two of you to do together.

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Make Something Sweet: A homemade card, batch of cookies, their name spelled out in marshmallows on a plate — anything you do is great. If you're strapped for ideas, here are a couple of DIY projects to get you thinking.

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Host a Casual Get-Together: It doesn't have to be just one-on-one to mean something. Host a relaxed dinner party with your favorite people or, better yet, grab your best girl friends and have them over for a fun Galentine's Day brunch.

Remember, as with all of our Weekend Projects, just do what you have the time and energy to do. Whether you bake a ten-layer cake or scribble down a quick love note, it's the gesture that counts.

SHOW US YOUR WEEKEND WORK! Share your tips and photos of your Weekend Project work on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ATweekendproject. We'd LOVE to see what your space looked like when you got started, and what it looks like now!

We loved seeing your craft stashes diminish and get organized after last week's assignment: Take a Good Long Look at Your Craft Stash. Here's what SparklePlenty299 did over the weekend!

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sparkleplenty299: All those boxes on the desk are empty. 4 cubbies are consolidated to 1. Two bags to trash/recycling and two for donation. Need another session to get the paper under control. #productiveday #atweekendproject #declutter

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Check out the 2016 Plan for a Healthy & Happy Home to access Weekend Project ideas and download the February Home Checklist. It's a great, low-pressure way to keep your life running smoothly and maintain a happy & healthy home!

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