Ideas for Living Room Arrangement?

Hi all, I have all the freedom to decorate this beautiful living room in the first floor of a brownstone I just moved to. It’s been two months, and I am still defeated by the possibilities…which are endless. This is my first time decorating a place by myself and I am totally lost.

I would want to have a space to relax with friends and also a table to sit down and eat, so I am thinking on having a couch, two nice chairs and coffee table, and then a table and four chairs to sit and have dinner somewhere. So two main spaces, which I think can fit in the room. There are a couple of problems: 1) the
room has a fireplace at the center of the wall that should be the focus of the room, but making it happen would mean to center any of the two areas too much in the room. 2) If I don’t center them, there is a door in the corner (not the one to the kitchen) that I am contemplating to close forever since that would give me a lot of space. How would I do that without looking awkward (it would probably be behind a sofa). 3) I would like to put a screen for my lovely projector, but the only wall that is not split is the one that is opposite to the fire place, so making things look away from the fire place would be weird, and it would not fit over the fireplace. And also, 4) should I go for a corner sofa (if I close the hall door and), or stick with a normal one?

I know there are too much questions, (that’s why I’m writing this in the first place), but the place is very pretty and would love to make it shine.


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