Ideas for Making My "Spacebox" in Holland More Livable?

Ideas for Making My "Spacebox" in Holland More Livable?

Janel Laban
Aug 30, 2010

Q: I'm a San Franciscan, currently in exile this year, for a grad program in Holland. My student housing is a 16 square meter "spacebox," and I'm going a little insane trying to figure out how to make it liveable.

I lived in a teeny studio in SF, and Apartment Therapy's site was *great* for making it feel big and airy. As a student renter here, though, I'm not allowed to alter anything significantly: no nails/screws, no wallpaper, and not even things taped to the wall. Since I am also poor and can't afford the Ikea shopping spree of my dreams, my options are more or less limited to rearranging the existing furniture, which is alternately oversized (gigantic desk), and undersized (teensy twin bed).

I had to move the bed, since the bathroom door was practically its headboard. I don't like where it is now (it'd be nice if it were wider and not on a bedstand) - or where anything is, really. I hate not having a room divider between my bed/living area and the bathroom/front door, even if it's just token. I wanted to move the armoire sideways, but it's affixed to the wall in a way I can't figure out (no visible screws).

Also trying to figure out what to do with this enormous desk and extraneous kitchen appliances. Besides its proximity to school, sheep, and being a spacebox, I really like the raised platform in front of the window (which is trapezoidal: it tapers in from 9 ft to 7.5 ft at the window), where I'd love to put a full-sized mattress, if I could afford it, and the foot and a half of empty space above the bathroom and entryway/kitchenette. I figure some genius must know how to make this room amazing, without being able to put up shelving or buy room dividers anytime soon.

Any tetris-like solutions, that don't involve puncturing the walls or spending more than 20 bucks are most welcome (except loft beds - not only can I not afford one, I have an irrational hatred of them...).

Hartelijk dank from rainy Utrecht!

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