Ideas for Simple DIY Decorations

My husband and I won’t be going home for the holidays because of work, and despite the miracles of the modern age, the ship carrying the majority of our worldly goods is seemingly nowhere to be found. Our holiday decorating challenge? We have a prelit artificial tree, but nothing to hang on it, and Christmas decorations are few and far between here in KSA. We have plenty time and some crafting abilities, so we are on the lookout for creative ideas to help us get started.

Apart from the construction paper garlands and hand-cut snowflakes from my elementary school years, I had been having a hard time thinking up any DIY decorations to get my desert home into the holiday spirit, especially in a place without a Michaels! Thankfully, the world is full of creative people who have given me the inspiration I need to jumpstart my holiday decorating. Here are a few of the projects I’ll be working on this weekend; if you have a favorite DIY Christmas project, please share the details or link in the comments below.

  • The word nerd in me is smitten by these Scrabble ornaments which would look delightful hanging on my tree or strung together as a garland.
  • These origami stars are beautiful, and can be easily customized to your color scheme just by selecting the appropriate paper.
  • I love this half-eaten gingerbread man made from felt and scraps of material. This project certainly looks easy enough even for those of us without a sewing machine to attempt.
  • These clay pot nutcrackers are a fabulous DIY project- the base materials are affordable and easy to find, and the possibilities for customization are endless.
  • This simple ribbon project turns Christmas cards into decoration, and if there is one thing most of us have in abundance this time of year, it is cards!
  • The beauty of these modern paper ornaments is that they actually aren’t overwhemlingly seasonal unless crafted from holiday themed paper; you could make them to fit a winter wonderland theme and keep them up for months!
  • These paper globes are another project that would work in any season but will certainly help add a festive touch to any holiday display.

Images: as linked above