Inspiration from D Acres

D Acres of New Hampshire is a non-profit, farm-based service organization that promotes sustainability through practice, experimentation, tours, and community outreach. Not only do they live the life they teach, they also offer a number of training and workshop opportunities to educate others on the skills of organic farming and sustainability.

Founded in 1997, D Acres function as an educational center that researches, applies and teaches skills of sustainable living and small-scale organic farming. A few events held at the homestead include: dandelion wind making workshop, native bird watching, plant walks, composting workshops, northern forest tree identification seminars, watercolors painting, mycological landscaping, weeding and edible weeds, as well as recreational events including a movie night, open mic nights, potlucks, and yoga. Click here for a complete list of Workshops & Events.

Shown above the jump, from left to right:

  • A salvaged window greenhouse
  • Cordwood construction
  • A solar panel powers a remote treehouse dwelling
  • A chicken
  • A Cobb oven
  • Composting sewer system
  • Nearly completed Greenhouse/Animal Husbandry building the first floor for goats and the second for chickens. 2 salvaged wood stoves were installed in the greenhouse to keep goats, chickens and plants warm.
  • Adobe Bricks Drying
  • Solar Oven
  • Solar water heater

(Images: all photos used with permission from D Acres)